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Google SERP Optimization Services

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Enhancing Your Company’s Google Presence

Getting your company, and website, on Google.

Hey, Good Lookin’!

This is how your business SERP could look on Google when optimized by Website UNO! HINT: Click + hold the red circle below and move left/right to compare.

Before Google SERP OptimizationStandard
After Google SERP OptimizationOptimized

Website UNO! can enhance and optimize the appearance and extend coverage of your company website’s presence on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) by establishing your existence, presence, and coverage on Google. By adding specific optimized coding to your site, and alerting Google that these features are present, we can enable more of your website’s design and functionality to appear directly in Google’s Search Results and in the Knowledge Graph cards sections of Google. This makes it extremely easier and more visually appealing for users to recognize your website and be able to get the accurate information you provide much easier when they search Google.

We offer a full line of services in Google optimization coverage in the following areas of Google’s Search and Search Engine Results Page (SERP):

  • Business details including Physical Location and Contact Information
  • Marketing details including your company’s official Business Name, Company Logo, and Social Profile Information
  • Site structure covering site Breadcrumbs and Site SearchBox

Establish your business details with Google

Google offers a variety of areas that provides key business details so that they show up for users in Search results. This section describes how to make your businesses location, official site, and content info available for results, Knowledge Graph cards, and Google Maps.

Optimizing your Local Business or Multi-Location Corporation

We’ll register your un-claimed existing physical business or create one if it’s not already listed on Google. This process may likely require a verification process to let Google know you are the owner of the listing. This process may be only require a simple automated call from Google to the number listed for your listed business, or may require a postcard to be sent to the physical address of the listing. Once confirmed, we can provide and/or edit your company’s contact information, address, business type, photos, and more. This service also enables your local business information to begin showing up in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+.

Your Business on Google

Registering your website with Google: Allow us to configure and optimize how and when Google displays information about your site and business.