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Noticed the recent change in Google's local search ranking? The recent update, labeled 'Possum', mostly impacts Google Map results from what our reports and sources say. “Possum” is the name suggested by Phil Rozek, and thereon given by the local SEO community to refer to the massive Local algorithm update that occurred on September 1st of this year (2016). The name "Possum" is considered to be a great fit because due to the update, many business owners think their Google My Business listings have been removed by Google, when they...

A Local Chicago Small Business Providing Services for Local Chicago Small Businesses with one main focus in mind: Provide Small Local Businesses with the same level Website, SEO, Marketing and other crucial tools in today's digital economy to succeed. ...

At Website UNO!, we firmly believe that you should receive the same level of dedication you put into your business from your Website Design, SEO and Internet Marketing Company. That’s why we provide the same level of service to your business that we put into building and maintaining Website UNO!....